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Returns Procedure

Huntsman Aus guarantees 110% satisfaction on every item you purchase. If you buy a product from our website, and decide you don’t need, or want it, or just don’t like it, you can return it back to us at any time; no questions asked.

If your goods are damaged, you should refuse to accept them at the point of delivery. If you notice the goods are damaged at a later date, you should inform us as soon as possible on 07 3117 2654. As soon as you notice the damage take as many photos of it as possible, this will help us follow it up with the carrier.

Prior to returning any item, we encourage you to first call us to explain the problem so that we can help get a replacement product to your as fast as possible.

The returns procedure is:
1. Call us immediately to let us know the problem, and that your goods are on their way back,
2. Repackage the goods in their original packaging making sure to protect them as well as they arrived, then
3. Send the goods, and a copy of the invoice to:

    Huntsman Aus
    55 Thirteenth Avenue
    Railway Estate, QLD, 4810