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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What made you choose the "Huntsman" logo?

Our logo is the classic pose of a hunter squatting down in front of his trophy. A pose we expect that each and every one of our customers would have made countless times.


What's with the words HARVEST, COMPETITION, and INTERDICTION? 

We support serious shooters, including those who harvest for food, competitors who strive to be the best in their discipline, and professionals who are tasked with long range target interdiction in warlike, domestic counter terrorism or law enforcement environments.


Do you offer discounts for large quantity?

Yes, but not on all items. Some product margins are already very low due to the costs of sourcing the items. Discounted volume pricing enquiries should be directed to the showroom on 07 3117 2654.


What is the easiest way to place my order? Phone or website?

The website would be the easiest way to place an order. We have invested a huge amount of resources into the Huntsman Aus website and "back end" to make the purchase process as efficient as we can. On the Huntsman Aus website you can view live inventory levels, you can navigate the site faster than we can search for and select items from our point of sale system, and you will receive more updates on your order's progression. Of course there are some of us who hate buying online and will always prefer to call and place the order over the phone, we have no problem with doing phone orders and often it can give us an opportunity to provide some additional advice or recommendations.


Why do some product come up as "Restricted" and I can't buy them online when they are not necessarily restricted for sale to unlicenced shooters?

The Huntsman Aus website uses two payment options. One payment option is provided by Commonwealth Bank and the other is PayPal. Under the rules set by PayPal we are not allowed to have any firearm, firearm component, ammunition, or ammunition component able to be purchased through PayPal. you will note that on those pages we are not even allowed to have the PayPal logo shown!


I want to order "X" type of stock. It is illegal to have in my state, will you send it to me?

Sometimes our website will allow a customer to purchase an item that may not be legally allowed to be fitted in your state. It is important you check your state regulations before making any purchase through our website. After you make a purchase we conduct an audit of each order, if we detect an item you have purchased may not be legal in your state we will contact you to discuss the order. We may require additional information from you prior to sending the item, or if you are not approved to have the item in your state we will refund you the cost.


Can you ship one of the rifles on your site to my home address?

Unfortunately State firearms laws restrict us from sending a firearm, or any prohibited item to your home address. The law requires us to transfer the firearm to a licenced firearms dealer close to you. You then go to your nominated firearms dealer and collect the firearm via the normal firearms transfer process in your State.

Can you post me two boxes of ammo?

After we conduct the legally required checks, we can do this for you however, ammunition can only be shipped via a dangerous goods freight provider. The costs associated with these freight providers are higher than standard parcel mailing. For this reason it would be too expensive for you to order two boxes of ammunition, and have them delivered to your home address.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is simple. At the top right hand corner of the home page is a link titled "Log In or Register", click on that link. When you have arrived at the next page, on the right hand side of the page is a heading that says "New Customer" and below it a grey button titled "Continue", select the grey continue button. The next page that will load will ask you for some personal details so that we can create an account for you. At the completion of inputting all the essential information into the page, you will find a greay button at the bottom of the page titled "Create"; select the create button and you are on your way!


Why should I create an account? Why don't I just conduct my purchase as a guest?

If you create an account with us, we are able to notify you of special offers which we make available only to our customers. When you register for an account, you are able to access additional features of the website including our "wish list" feature which allows you to create a list of items for the wife or family to get you for your next birthday/chirstmas etc, and an ability to check the status of your order. Our system monitors your order history is you are registered with us, this feature aids you if you for tax time if you are able to claim your spending and more importantly, allows us to reward registered customers for their loyalty with special offers, discounts etc. It is well worth registering for an account - you will not be spammed! We hate that stuff as much as you do.


How do I change my password?

Log in using your account credentials then go to your profile in the "account" page. At the bottom left is a link that says "change password"; follow that link and enter your new password.


What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

Go to the "log in" link at the top of the Huntsman Aus website homepage then use the "forgotten password" link under the log in text boxes.

How do I change my address in my account?

Go to the profile page in your account after logging in. At the bottom of the page is a link "edit profile", follow that link to change your address details. The Huntsman Aus website requires a physical address as your billing address, it's part of our due dilligence to ensure we are not selling to Nigerian lottery agents. Some customers may have conerns with giving over their physical address information, we exceed Australian Government requirements for the way in which we handle, and protect your personal information; this is because we are all shooters ourselves and understand the importance. Read the Huntsman Aus Privacy Policy for more detailed information on what information we collect, how your infomration is handled, and how we protect it.

How do I check my order history?

You must be a registered user. Log in using your user name and password, then select "my account" link at the top of the page. Next select "order history" in the menu bar at the left side of the page. All of your order history from the Hunstman Aus website will be saved here for you to view, download or review.

How do I return an order?

Call us first! The return is on us! We'll send you a return label immediately, then you just need to package the item back up and drop it at your local Australia Post Office.

How do I track my order?

When your order has shipped you will receive an email with a paid invoice which will include tracking information. If your package has been sent through the eparcel system, which we use for the majority of our shipments, tracking updates will be requested to be sent to your email address. If your package has not been sent through the eparcel system, or for some reason you don't get the email updates from Australia Post you can use the tracking number on your invoice and the Australia Post tracking tool at their website.

Where can I find information about Huntsman Aus?

Check out our "About Us" page on this site! Or, go to the Huntsman Aus Facebook page . If your enquiry is a little more formal then information can be obtained through ASIC, the Defence Export Controls Office, or the QLD Police Firearms Branch. If you still want to know more, give us a call, or if you are in Townsville, please stop by the shop and say G'day. 

Where is Huntsman Aus located?

We have a small shop located at 55 Thirteenth Avenue, Townsville QLD 4810. The shop is not a large retail space, it is primarily designed for local customers to view products, conduct transfers and ship goods out of.


What if a product description on your site is not correct?

Please tell us immediately! We have invested a huge amount of time into the development of our site and need your help to point out any mistakes we may make along the way. With your input we'll keep tweaking the site until it is a truly exceptional place to shop.


You don’t have a product I am looking for; can you order it in for me?

We like to give anything a crack! Our inventory is tailored around our core business, and the customers we serve. For this reason some brands, or products are not stocked. That doesn't mean we aren't able to get them in for you. We'll be up front and honest with you, if we think you will get it faster, or for a better price somewhere else we'll let you know and steer you in that direction, we don't aim to be "all things to all people".

I want a particular rifle, or accessory from overseas, can you import it for me?

Yes, providing you are licenced and authorised to import and poses the item. We predominately import out of the United States, if your product is a European based product we might be able to steer you in the direction of another importer with the experience in the region, and who will give you a great deal.

What do you charge to conduct an import on my behalf?

If you would like us to conduct an import on your behalf you are better off calling the shop to discuss. We can offer suggestions on getting the item at the best possible price, and talk you through all of the costs including the Huntsman Aus service fee. If you are still interested after our phone discussion we can send you a formal quote. 

What documentation do I need to supply for you to prepare an import for me?

Documentation depends on the nature of the import. If your item is something that is restricted in the United States, such as a rifle stock (without magazine) but not controlled at the Australian Border as a prohibited import then you will need to supply very little documentation. Alternatively if you are a professional shooter and your item is a category D firearm then you will be required to provide a lot more. We have experience importing every category of firearm up to and including that restricted to Government only so if you are thinking of an import give us a call to discuss and we can explain the requirements for your particular case.


I am considering buying a rifle/pistol, do you offer training services?

We currently do not offer firearms training. We expect to begin offering training services after August 2015. 

What is a wish list? And how is it used?

A wish list is a list of items that you create for a future purchase. You can use it for a family member to pick from for a birthday or christmas gift, or simply use it to save all your planned purchases for a build, or upgrade for easy access in the future. You can name your wish list and save multiple lists if required.

What are product arrival notifications?

If the product you want is marked as "out of stock" on our website you can select "notify me" and a stock alert will be created. If you are logged in it will automatically be created, if you are a guest you will have to enter your email address. When the product arrives back in stock you will be alterted by email.

How can I share a product page with friends?

In any product page under the "add to backet" button, and "add to wishlist" link you will see a number of ways to share that product via social media. Please share whatever you like! We appreciate you spreading the word!

What are product reviews? How do they work?

Product reviews are written by a customer who has purchased a product and has had time to evaluate it. To write a review you log in to your order history and select the link "write a review". In the future we will have an email which will be sent to you a few weeks after your purchase to request your help with a product review. As we build reviews it will give potential buyers real world unbiased feedback on the product to help them with their decision.