MOSS Dreadlocks, 1lb bundle, Natural

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MOSS Dreadlocks, 1lb bundle, Natural


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Tactical Concealment MOSS Dreadlocks mimics a natural hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into long matted or ropelike locks. The resulting "Ratty Look" provides an excellent texture and adapts well into natural field camouflage.


MOSS Dreadlocks provides a unique and effective texture, unlike that created by burlap, 1-ply jute, or MOSS Hair and contributes to the overall concealment effort. MOSS Dreadlocks can be used alone, or in conjunction with other natural fibers, and natural vegetation. 


Moss Dreadlocks is a natural fiber. It can be used to supplement your natural vegetation, or in place of when natural foliage is sparse


Each strand of MOSS Dreadlocks is roughly the diameter of a No.2 pencil. The individual filaments are thick but lightweight, and moderately woven/twisted together. The user may tie the MOSS Dreadlocks on "as is”, or fray apart the strands, for added texture. Although it is thick in appearance, the MOSS Dreadlock fiber is very lightweight, and will cover a lot of surface area. 


Shorter strands are recommended when tying onto your clothing, or sniper garments. Long strands may unravel, loosen up, and clump off over time. MOSS Dreadlock finer is excellent to use as a "filler" for your ghillie suit, which aids to keep the overall weight of your suit at a minimum, yet provides an all natural vegetative look. The fiber strands can be cut in half, or thirds if desired to achieve texture, and depth on the ghilliesuit. Tying ALL of the MOSS Dreadlock fiber on at the provided length may yield unsatisfactory results, and give a "Spaghetti" look. 


Zip ties can be used to secure the knots of the fiber. The zip ties will provide additional security to the finer and ensure no sign is left from your sniper garments during the activity, or operation. 


Each bundle of fiber weighs approximately 450 grams, and if laid straight and flat measures approximately 79 centimetres. The bundle of fiber is folded in half then pre-packaged into a clear poly-bag. The overall length of the bundle is approximately 43 centimetres when packaged. In a six pack, six bundles are wrapped in a clear poly bag.


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