Tactical Concealment Boomslang, Alpha Kit, Multicam

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Tactical Concealment Boomslang, Alpha Kit, Multicam


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Tactical Concealment’s Boomslang Weapon Ghillie brings the 3 dimensional concealment of the Viper hood to your precision weapon system, allowing the Sniper team or a Recon patrol to remain visually undetectable.

The Boomslang is made up of prefabricated panels designed to fit over the top of the weapon with built in adjustablity to ensure a tight tailored fit across a multitude of semi automatic and bolt action platforms.

The feature rich Boomslang can be adjusted to eliminate shadows 360 degrees, top to bottom, and both Ghillie garnish and natural foliage can be tied directly onto the nylon 550 cord that is tacked onto the entire exterior surface in order to enhance the concealment and blend the weapon system into its surroundings.

Installation and removal are rapid and the lightweight base mesh makes it well suited for environments of extreme heat or constant wetness. It is completely breathable and retains very little moisture when wet. 



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