Sniper Basic Starter Package

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Sniper Basic Starter Package


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Are you a bright eyed young digger, keen to get out of the Rifle Company? Have you just been posted into Recon and want to do something other than break contact drills and CrossFit?

Perplexed at what your next move is going to be? Then why not aim for the top step in the battalion and give the Sniper Basic course a crack!

We at Huntsman have lent on our linage of a combined 30 years of service within the Royal Australian Regiment and SOCOMD Sniper Cells to create the Basic Sniper Starter Pack.


The Basic Sniper Starter Pack is consists of:

(Should you require a variation in the jute or Camo-Form colour due to your terrain, give us a call)  

We've managed to secure a quantity of  the SC-2 Super Cobra Hood in Tan due to a U.S Government contract overrun, allowing these savings to be passed on to the young live-in digger eating Mi Goreng noodles until pay Thursday. Once this run of Cobra hoods are sold out there will be a price rise, so be fast or you’ll miss out like Bill Shorten.

We can’t guarantee that this will give you the skills to pass the course. But this package will 100% make you look the part, and what’s the first rule of RSS platoon? Looking good!.


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