MCM-2 Multicam Mesh Viper Hood

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MCM-2 Multicam Mesh Viper Hood


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From assaulters to snipers, the ability to remain beneath the enemy detection threshold can be extremely important, in some instances a compromise can even lead to mission failure.

The Tactical Concealment MCM Viper Hood is designed not only for snipers, but for any operator who can benefit from an advanced individual camouflage or concealment aid. Specific to this task, the Tactical Concealment MCM Viper is designed to be worn in conjunction with combat load carrying equipment such as tactical vests, assaulter body armour, and slimline backpack systems. The Hooded Viper and Super Viper models are large enough to wear over tactical helmets. 

The Tactical Concealment MCM Viper Hood provides the tactical operator similar camouflage, and concealment effectiveness of a trained sniper wearing a ghillie suit without the excess weight, and material. Unlike a full ghillie, the MCM Viper is designed to be worn with the equipment needed for assaulter style tactical operations.

The MCM Viper can be suitable for applications such as LP/OPs, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Forward Observation, Ambushing and more.

The Tactical Concealment MCM Viper Hood is constructed from MultiCam heavy duty mesh fabric, the heaviest weight, and strongest tear strength mesh offered in the Viper product family. Due to the thickness of the material, some handling, usage and break-in is required to soften up the mesh (not essential but recommended). Ghillie garnish and natural foliage can be tied/inserted into the 550 cord wide-grid spacing. The MCM Viper can be fitted with the optional Tactical Concealment Back Drape. 

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  • One Size Fits Most.
  • Adjustable chest tension strap.
  • Multiple tension cords throughout for adjustment fit.
  • Nylon cord is bar-tacked throughout entire outer shell to accommodate the use of foliage and fiber garnish.
  • Ventilation built into sides of hood for ventilation and visual observation.
  • Fits overtop most tactical helmets.
  • Weighs less than 450 grams ungarnished.

* All Viper models are the exact same in shape and size. Differences exist in the base fabric used for garment construction, nylon cord grid work spacing and a few other smaller features.