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More precise. More accurate. More style. Defiance Machine is the first choice among gun builders seeking to build the most accurate rifle possible.

Defiance Machine offers the best custom bolt actions anywhere. Glen Harrison, a former benchrest competitive shooter, has been building precision bolt actions for more than two decades. His actions are renowned for tight tolerances and outstanding accuracy. Harrison-designed actions have won numerous Benchrest, Palma, Silhouette, 1000-yard Benchrest, and Tactical matches throughout the world.

Defiance Machine was named after an intention, a dream that has become reality. Built on a philosophy of service, Defiance has always put the success of their customers first and foremost. Founder Glen Harrison has spent 23 years in the firearms industry, defying the critics and naysayers.

With a unique ability to combine 3-D computer modeling, a desire to always improve, and a background in competitive shooting, Glen has been chasing closer tolerances for two decades. Defying conventional wisdom, the Defiance team produces the world’s most accurate, most precise custom bolt actions. Others have tried, but Defiance continues to lead the pack.

The Defiance story is a journey. Glen’s work began as a dinner table conversation, as he tried to explain the emerging technology of computer-aided design and manufacturing. Using the example of a typical gun action, he explained how CAD/CAM would allow drastic improvements. And so a company began to grow from a single designer, with contracted manufacturing, to a world-class company that now employs more than a dozen skilled professionals, running top-of-the-line equipment, producing custom bolt actions with those elusive tight tolerances that gun builders, competitive shooters, marksmen, and hunters demand.

Defiance does not rest on its accolades. Every day, every one of our employees asks, “How can I make this better?” Defiance has proprietary integrated software systems that allow the gun builder or shooter to customize his purchase in such a way that the number of options are virtually unlimited. Exactly what the customer wants is exactly what the customer gets. Every time. On time. Faster. Better. More precise. More accurate. Unrivaled.

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