1-ply Jute (6-pack) Natural Color

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1-ply Jute (6-pack) Natural Color


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The Tactical Concealment 1-ply Jute Strands, Natural Colour 6-Pack consists of 6 1 pound bundles of single strands of jute fiber that is equal in diameter to a strand you would pull out of a burlap bag (also referred to as sand bag). Purchasing this product avoids the time consuming task of shredding burlap bags one strand at a time.

Jute is a natural fiber, therefore it has all natural properties and characteristics. The older and dirtier it gets, the more natural it looks in the outdoor environment. The fiber can be used to supplement natural foliage, or used in place of it when natural vegetation is sparse.

Each bundle weights approximately one-pound, or roughly 450 grams, and is approximately 31 inches, or 79 centimetres end to end, once straightened and laid flat. Each bundle is folded into a 1 lb clear poly bag. The 6-pack product contains six of the individually wrapped 1 lb bundles. The 6-pack bag is approximately 12 inches (30 cm) wide x 13.5 inches (34 cm) long x 4 inches (10 cm) high.

To add jute fiber to a garment, pull strands away from the bundle and loop, or shoe-not tie it on to the clothing, or equipment. 4-inch zip ties can be used to hold the base of the knots in place, which will ensure greater staying power onto the clothing, and reduce the chance of leaving sign during the mission. The fiber strands can be cut in half, or thirds if desired to achieve some texture and depth for the garnished ghillie suit. 

It is not recommended to tie all of the jute fiber used on your suit at the provided length, as it may produce a "Stringed Spaghetti" look.


Huntsman Firearms maintains a stock of this item, variations can be ordered as required. If variations or modifications are required please call the shop to discuss your requirement.


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